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The last time Pierce Pepin Cooperative Services (PPCS) made any major updates to its headquarters building and grounds was in 2001 when the cooperative underwent a major remodeling.  Every home and building needs updates from time to time and, after close to 20 years, this spring seemed like the right time to make updates to the PPCS grounds.


The updates began on Earth Day when employees gathered for an afternoon of cleaning, painting, and landscaping.  They completed a tremendous amount of work in just under four hours.  The second phase of the upgrade included planting trees and shrubs around the grounds and main building by Sargent’s Nursery and Reuver’s Nursery.


The final phase was the installation of two new driveway signs, one of which is a Daktronics 10mm full color digital display by La Crosse Sign Group.  This digital display provides one more way for PPCS to communicate with its members and the wider community. 


“We’re excited to have this additional communication channel,” said Nate Boettcher, PPCS president and CEO.  “It allows us to provide engaging information about PPCS products and services, as well as important community information like Amber Alerts.”


“LaCrosse Signs is proud of the partnership with Pierce Pepin on the new sign,” said Joel House, LSG sign consultant. “It’s a great way to communicate with members and it proudly conveys the work Pierce Pepin is doing for its community.”


PPCS strives to be a good steward of the resources entrusted to it by its members, and that includes the buildings and grounds that allow the cooperative to conduct daily business.  The updates completed in the spring of 2020 will enhance the cooperative’s physical presence for years to come.