PPCS offers pole-mounted dusk-to-dawn lights for lease to its members. If you do not have a pole, PPCS can arrange to have one set for an additional charge that includes the installation. The kilowatt-hours used to operate the light are not measured through the member’s meter. Instead, members pay a flat daily rate for the use and repair or replacement of the dusk-to-dawn light. This rate allows for possible downtime and is not open to adjustment. The dusk-to-dawn light is an automatically controlled, energy efficient, 40-watt LED light.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the location where the light is to be installed. There is no charge to install a dusk-to-dawn light on an existing pole that has an available power source and is approved by PPCS. If an additional pole is needed, a fee will be charged for the pole and  installation on a case-by-case basis as determined by location and whether underground service to the pole is required. If a transformer is needed, that will be an additional charge.

We will install an EVULMA AreaMax 40-watt LED light. The AreaMax LED dusk-to-dawn light from EVULMA is an “instant on” light, consumes up to 60% less power, generates less heat and shines bright white (at 5,000K color temperature).There is a daily fee for the dusk-to-dawn light, which includes the electric usage, required maintenance and replacement, if necessary.

No. Installing and maintaining a switch would raise the cost of the installation and also the monthly fee. If you would prefer a dusk-to-dawn light that can be controlled by a switch, you should contact an electrician for the installation of a privately owned dusk-to-dawn light.

No, dusk-to-dawn lights are not controlled by switches. The only way to turn off a light is to remove it.

If, after initial installation, the member requests any changes to the dusk-to-dawn light, such as relocation, the costs shall be borne by the member.

If you are interested in having a dusk-to-dawn light installed, contact us.

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