PPCS is your trusted energy partner in identifying and correcting power quality issues.  We provide testing, advice and programs to assist members in addressing power quality and electrical safety issues.


Power Quality Testing

Power quality is a comprehensive term that includes a variety of issues, such as electrical power interruption or fluctuation. Unlike a power outage or blink which can observed with your eyes, a power quality issue typically isn’t an observable event.  There may be other power fluctuations such as surges, spikes, swells, or sags, that you don’t see. These power fluctuations may be as a result of internal equipment operation (motors/inductive loads/faulty wiring/VFD’s) in the building or from external sources (lightning/neighbor’s loads/tree branches in the distribution lines, etc.).

PPCS works hard to maintain our distribution system and provide reliable to our members.  There are many factors that affect the power that enters your home or business that are out of our control. PPCS offers these services to assist you in identifying and addressing any problems:

  • Residential and commercial site assessment
  • Site monitoring with state-of-the-art power quality recorders to help in identifying any problems
  • Recommendations for mitigation options
  • Surge protection devices –
    • Meter socket
    • Plug in devices
    • Electrical panel protection

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Safety First!

Wisconsin electric cooperatives offer the Safety First! program, a uniform statewide farm wiring program. Safety First! assists dairy farmers with the cost of rewiring projects and promotes safety.

Loans and Grants

  • A loan/grant combination is available up to $30,000

  • Grants are available for 20% or up to $6,000 from the Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Association

  • Loans are available for 80% or up to $24,000 from your energy cooperative

  • Up to 5 years to repay

  • 3% interest

Safety First! Program

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Stray Voltage Testing

Stray voltage is primarily a concern in the dairy industry; however, it can affect other livestock.   Stray voltage, or neutral to earth voltage, produces a tiny electrical shock that is felt by animals through stanchions, watering cups or other farm equipment.  Even at voltages far below those a human can feel, animals may be receiving shocks that affect their behavior, milk production and overall health.  PPCS offers free on-site testing for stray voltage along with literature and referrals to other professionals who can help evaluate herd health. 

Stray Voltage Testing

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Protecting Electronics

Surge Protection
Today’s sophisticated electronic homes are more vulnerable than ever to fluctuations in the electric power supply. Although PPCS provides clean, quality power, surges can happen. Damaging surges can enter your home through phone lines, cable or satellite TV hardware, and through the power lines. Surges can also occur when large appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners and microwave ovens cycle on and off. To protect your valuable electronics and appliances, PPCS has access to a full line of surge suppression products. 

UPS Systems
A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system may be necessary to provide temporary backup power to such things as cash registers or computer systems. A UPS also provides protection against power spikes, surges, sags and other subtle conditions that may not be noticeable.

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