Stray voltage is primarily a concern in the dairy industry; however, it can affect other livestock.   Stray voltage, or neutral to earth voltage, produces a tiny electrical shock that is felt by animals through stanchions, watering cups or other farm equipment.  Even at voltages far below those a human can feel, animals may be receiving shocks that affect their behavior, milk production and overall health.
PPCS offers free on-site testing for stray voltage along with literature and referrals to other professionals who can help evaluate herd health.  PPCS also participates in the Safety First! Farm Rewiring Program.  It is recommended that farmers work with a competent qualified electrician* to evaluate and update necessary wiring. 

Additional resources can be accessed through the State of Wisconsin using the following link:

Department of Agriculture Farm Center

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*This information is provided solely to confirm that these individuals have attended and passed the Farm Rewiring certification course.  PPCS makes no warranty or guarantee of workmanship or cost involved with using any of the electricians listed.  Additional electricians may have passed this course since this list was compiled.