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In honor of June Dairy Month, and in response to the devastating effect the pandemic has had on our communities and farmers, Pierce Pepin Cooperative Services and the Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Association have partnered with Kwik Trip for the “Milk Gallon Giveaway.” PPCS members’ June issue of Wisconsin Energy Cooperative News will include a coupon for a free gallon of milk, to be redeemed at Kwik Trip during June Dairy Month.


“The public health emergency has launched unprecedented challenges for people throughout our community,” said Nate Boettcher, president and CEO. “Our hope is that this promotion will offer some relief for both struggling dairy farmers, and families facing hardships.”


Wisconsin’s member-owned electric cooperatives serve 57 percent of all dairy farms in the state. The industry was hit hard and fast when COVID-19-related closures disrupted the supply chain, and left farmers who supply milk to schools and restaurants with more product than they could sell. With Wisconsin dairy farmers standing to lose hundreds of millions of dollars due to the response to the coronavirus, the “Milk Gallon Giveaway” is an effort to reduce the excess milk product and ease the impact on all area farmers.


The “Milk Gallon Giveaway” coupon entitles the recipient to one free gallon of non-fat, 1% or 2% milk, and can be redeemed at Kwik Trip on or before July 16, 2020.