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The Board of Directors updated, rescinded and added the following policies at their meeting on September 17, 2017.

Policy 6.01  Travel Expenses (RESCINDED)
Policy 6.02  Reserve Funds:  Working Capital (RESCINDED)
Policy 6.03  Advance Payments (RESCINDED)
Policy 6.06  Budget for Operations (RESCINDED)
Policy 6.07  Purchase of Materials and Equipment (RESCINDED)
Policy 6.07A  Purchase of Materials and Equipment (RESCINDED)
Policy 6.08A  Uncollectible Accounts
Policy 6.10  Taxes (RESCINDED)
Policy 6.12  Long-term Debt (RESCINDED)
Policy 6.14  Authorized List of Forms (RESCINDED)
Policy 6.17A  Tax Reporting/Reimbursement - Automobile Expense 
Policy 6.18  Records Management
Policy 6.18A  Records Management
Policy 8.01  Membership Requirements (RESCINDED)
Policy 8.05  Submission of Information on Member Credit
Policy 8.06  Nondiscrimination in Service to Members (RESCINDED)
Policy 2.06  Financial Policy

For more information about these policy updates, please contact our office at 715-273-4355 or 800-924-2133.