Policy Updates - October 5, 2017

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The Board of Directors updated, rescinded and added the following policies at their meeting on October 5, 2017.


Policy 5.26  Distributed Generation

Policy 9.04  Disposal of Salvaged Materials/Obsolete Equipment
Policy 9.06  Meter Testing Program and Procedure
Policy 9.06A  Meter Testing Program and Procedure
Policy 9.07A  Meter Tampering and/or Diversion of Electric Service
Policy 10.04  Delinquent Bills
Policy 10.05  Security Deposit - Nonpermanent Residence
Policy 10.08  Seasonal Rates and Billing (RESCINDED)
Policy 10.09  Idle Service
Policy 10.09A  Idle Service

Policy 10.10A  Bankruptcy Filing - Member Deposits
Policy 10.12A  Amounts Due the Cooperative 
Policy 10.13  Budget Billing Program
Policy 10.14A  Establish Creditworthiness; Collection Process; Accountability
Policy 10.18  Credit Card Payments (ADDED)

For more information about these policy updates, please contact our office at 715-273-4355 or 800-924-2133.