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Two local schools recently received educational grants from Pierce Pepin Cooperative Services (PPCS) through its Federated Youth Foundation.  Ellsworth High School received $1,500 for the purchase of a Lincoln Thunderbolt stick welder. This is part of a project to upgrade their welding lab. St. Francis School received $2,850 to purchase materials that will enhance STEM education at the school. Materials included Lego Mindstorms Robots, Cubelets Creative Constructors Pack and prepared slides for microscopes.

“Our fifth cooperative principle is education, training and information,” said Nate Boettcher, PPCS’ president and CEO.  “We feel there is no better way to demonstrate this principle than by providing these grants supporting the excellent work being done in our local schools.” 

Federated Youth Foundation is funded through unclaimed patronage capital. Pierce Pepin Cooperative Services accepts grant requests through Pierce Pepin Cares, its 501(c)(3) non-profit. Requests are evaluated based on how they enhance the quality of life for those within the communities served by PPCS.  Grants are awarded quarterly by the Pierce Pepin Cares board of directors. All nine PPCS directors serve on the Pierce Pepin Cares board of directors along with one PPCS member and one PPCS employee.  Nonprofit organizations interested in applying may visit or call 800-924-2133 for information. The next application deadline is March 15.