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To celebrate Arbor Day, April 28, Pierce Pepin Cooperative Services delivered 480 white pine tree seedlings to fourth-grade students within the Durand, Ellsworth, Elmwood, Pepin, Plum City, Prescott, and Spring Valley school districts throughout the week. Each student received an individually packaged seedling with instructions and safety tips for planting and caring for their tree.

“We have a responsibility to provide safe, reliable electric service to our members. To do that, sometimes we have to trim trees or even remove them if they come in contact with power lines. One way to help preserve trees is to educate people about planting the right tree in the right place,” said Brad Ristow, vice president of electric operations.

Providing these seedlings is a great way to get young people to think about our environment. And the hands-on experience is an important reminder that planting trees away from power lines helps protect the trees, prevents tree-related power outages, and keeps the public and our employees safe.

Pierce Pepin Cooperative Services is recognized as a Tree Line USA utility by the Arbor Day Foundation and the National Association of State Foresters for its ongoing commitment to tree planting, quality tree care, and public education.