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New Service

PPCS provides a reliable power source that offers enhanced products and services as easy to use as a flip of the switch.

To establish new electric service with PPCS so that you can begin to take advantage of our product and service offerings, please contact us at (715) 273-4355, (800) 924-2133, or send us an e-mail. As part of this process, there will be a few simple steps to follow.  Identity verification is required to complete the membership application.

1. New Service Request
PPCS will complete a New Service Request upon notification of new construction. You will be required to provide a site plot with the meter location.

2. Application for Membership and Electric Service
An application must be completed before electric service is connected.  Download and complete the appropriate application below. Forward your completed application to Pierce Pepin Cooperative Services at PO Box 420, Ellsworth, WI 54011-0420.  We encourage you to thoroughly review the Electric Service Terms and Conditions and contact our office with any questions.  You may also designate additional persons who have your permission to discuss your account by filling out the Additional Authorized Representatives form and forwarding it to our office.

            a. Residential Application

            b. Business Application

            c. Electric Service Terms and Conditions

            d. Additional Authorized Representatives

3. Right-of-Way Easement
PPCS will provide you with a Right-of-Way Easement form that must contain the complete legal description of the property, the easement granted, and the notarized signature(s) of the appropriate landowner(s). 

4. New Services Fees
New service fees are based on the type of service you will require–permanent service,  temporary construction service, or a security light pole. Please refer to the New Service Handbook by clicking on the brochure below for specific information.  The New Service handbook also includes information about:

  • Checklist for New Electric Service
  • Commercial/Industrial Service
  • Meter Socket Installation


Protect Your Electronics

Surge Protection
Today’s sophisticated electronic homes are more vulnerable than ever to fluctuations in the electric power supply. Although PPCS provides clean, quality power, surges can happen. Damaging surges can enter your home through phone lines, cable or satellite TV hardware, and through the power lines. Surges can also occur when large appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners and microwave ovens cycle on and off. To protect your valuable electronics and appliances, PPCS has access to a full line of surge suppression products. 

UPS Systems
A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system may be necessary to provide temporary backup power to such things as cash registers or computer systems. A UPS also provides protection against power spikes, surges, sags and other subtle conditions that may not be noticeable.

Wiring & Metering Requirements
PPCS has specific wiring and metering requirements.  Please refer to the PPCS Metering Requirements (PDF) for information on meter installation and the wiring diagram which illustrates the correct installation of the current transformer (CT) sub-metering of off-peak electric. PPCS Wiring Diagram (PDF)


Electrical Inspection Certificate(PDF)
PPCS' Electrical Inspection Certificate is available online for completion by local electrical inspectors.  Click on the link above and forward the completed certificate to Pierce Pepin Cooperative Services at PO Box 420, Ellsworth, WI 54011-0420.

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