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Capital Credits

Capital Credits
Unlike investor-owned utilities, PPCS is owned by the members we serve. Each year, all margins (surplus revenues) are divided among members in proportion to their transactions with the cooperative and are allocated in the form of capital credits. Capital credits are an investment in PPCS and accumulate in each member’s name. Capital credits are paid out based on the cooperative’s equity management plan as approved by the Board of Directors.  

There are occasions when members and former members do not cash their capital credit checks.  Whether due to address change, name change or death, we continue to try to reach these individuals or their heirs.  Please review the list of individuals from 2014 who have unclaimed capital credits using the link below and contact our office by August 31, 2019, if you have contact information for them.

List of Unclaimed Capital Credits



PPCS has returned over $13 million to its members.

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